Sunday, January 13, 2013

Braun Millenium Lift

Well I took the truck to Superior Van and Mobility in Evansville, Indiana about a week ago to get our Braun Millenium Lift all spruced up. And although I hated the 5 hour round trip drive they did a good fast job and got me back on the road in under 2 hours.

Our lift was manufactured in 2000 on our Ford E350 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Cutaway Goshen Coach Van. And being that our truck was ex municipal fleet it had a lot of wear and tear to say the least!  Anyway, the lifts are fairly simple I just didn't feel up to handling the task of tracking down the parts and restoring it.  They replaced the 2 limit switches which control the stopping points of the lift. They replaced the up/down switch which mine was cracked and intermittently worked. and they replaced the bypass hoses on the hydraulic cylinders which were old and cracked.  I was at a loss on why I was continually finding a puddle of hydraulic fluid in the floor of my truck from time to time, until they showed me that one of the bypass hoses had fallen off.

Well that's one of the major problems checked off on our todo list!

Now for some fun nitpicking items, intermittent wipers are too intermittent, cruise control doesn't work, and recently the front heating/air fan is intermittent! and ofcourse (I don't know if you've dealt with one of these ex fleet goshen coaches or not but they are built with like 1" square steel tubing in the roof area and where this joins the E350 cab at the top of the windshield mine likes to just rip the living daylights out of it's welds!  So I need to get my van body rewelded back to my truck body!

Anyway this is all I have for today. other then to say it was 18 degrees that day I had to fire up the truck to go to Evansville and after 3 attempts the diesel did fire up.  For monetary reasons I gave up fuel additives about a year ago and I don't plug my truck in, but man was it cold that day!  If you read some of my older posts you'll find out that I have previously replaced the glow plugs and the injectors, the one thing that I know doesn't work is the preheater in the intake manifold, but since I cut my teeth so to speak on a 1996 F350 International Powerstroke Diesel which didn't have that heater you might understand why it hasn't been on my priority list.

Leave me some comments about your experiences, I'd love to hear from some of you on what you've done and been through!