Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pre Disney World maintenance to the Goshen Coach

Well we just got back from Walt Disney World a few weeks back and it was such a whirlwind getting the Goshen Coach and RV ready to go not to mention us that I fell behind on logging my service records here for the truck.  This post is a bit delayed, and may not serve any purpose to anyone else other than myself but seeing as how I need to keep my records updated here goes!

So I grabbed the fuel log book out of the truck just now to get the mileages and dates to keep everything straight.  This is the service records for our 2000 Ford E350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel cutaway wheelchair enabled Goshen Coach.

Mileage at time of service: 146,767     3/12/2013

Changed oil and oil filter (Motorcraft FL-1995). Refilled with Rotella T 15W40
Added approx 1 quart of 90W gear lube to rear differential
lubed chassis
Aired up all 6 tires to 80psi
Topped off coolant with about 3/4 gallon of straight antifreeze (no water added)
Other fluids checked.
Replaced the 2 air filters with new Motorcraft FA-1618 (F5UZ-9601-A)
I installed hose clamps on the T going to the MAP sensor and my aftermarket Turbo Boost gauge as it kept blowing apart at about 20 psi (This finally did the trick and I actually had a working boost gauge finally!)

I've been asked in the past what kind of mileage this rig gets. We ran 2,151 miles during this trip to Florida and back, burned 216.883 gallons of diesel costing $859.40 ($3.96 avg per gallon) giving us 9.92 MPG Fully Loaded at about 20,000 lbs truck and trailer. (see for a photo of our rig).  Interestingly enough, our truck pulls just 1mpg more at most unloaded.


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