Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goshen Coach Survives another 920 mile round trip!

We recently took our 2000 Ford E350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Goshen Coach on another epic trip.  We drove it 920 miles round trip hauling our 30' handicap equipped Campmaster Toy Hauler Travel Trailer to Chicago, IL and back to go to the Chicago Abilities Expo!

We had a really good time, we met Auti from the Sundance Channels "Push Girls" and experienced first hand all manners of new equipment and vehicles.

I have to brag on our truck though as it didn't once experience any kind of failure or problem of any kind, this is the second trip we've completed with perfect mechanical ability in the Ford Goshen Coach... Now it wasn't uneventful, no.  Our Goshen Coach is prone to breaking welds between the windshield/bus interface and we broke another one on this trip pulling our RV.  But this is just a minor problem as the front of the bus is still stripped open from our first welding experience when we purchased her a couple of years back... I'll try and ad some pictures to this later.

I'll keep this post fairly short but needless to say we are excited about another Abilities Expo that is coming up in February of 2013 (baring survival of the Mayan Calendar Calamity) in Atlanta, GA!

Please leave me some comments below! no login is necessary. How do you manage to get around in your wheelchair, what equipment do you wish you had?

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