Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our 2000 Ford E350 Wheelchair Truck's Door Hinges are now replaced!

(Flashback to some windstorm in the past)

Well as it happens with these Ford Vans, I go to open the door and a gust of wind grabs the door and swings it open so hard and fast that it bends the jamb and shoves the door in behind the fender so that it forever "clunks" when you open and close it as these two pieces of sheet metal somehow make it past each other.

(back to the present time)

Well yesterday I took the truck out to Jerry's Body Shop in Metropolis, IL here and they proceed to tear the door apart and straighten the jamb and weld in reinforcements inside the door and installed 2 brand new hinges. I've never felt the door work so smoothly before in my life. Now I don't have to do a lifting slam of the door to get it to close, just a gentle push and it closes perfectly every time.

What projects have you been putting off on your wheelchair vehicles? Please look back at some of my older posts for pictures of our rig, we are proud of it I just didn't get my camera out today to document the new hinges.

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