Friday, January 20, 2012

Pets and Walt Disney World?

We are currently planning a trip in our RV to the Ft Wilderness Resort Campground inside the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL and we are trying to work out some extra details we never had to deal with before.  We acquired a new member of the family on Halloween, and his name is Charlie!  Now Charlie has become one of us and we can't leave him behind.  For those of you that haven't met Charlie, let me introduce him to you. He's an 11 month old Merle Great Dane, and is growing like a weed right now!

So, we are looking at taking him with us to Orlando and are wondering where to board him in the Orlando area while we are at Walt Disney World.  There's a kennel on Disney Property called Best Friend Pet Care and another one I'm looking at is V.I.Pet Resort with locations in Orlando and Kissimmee, which is a little cheaper but offers more kennel cleanings and nature walks per day.

Now, I must point out that day services are just out of the question due to a large many factors, so we want to do 24/7 boarding of Charlie somewhere pleasant and go visit him as often as we can all while taking in the splendor that is the Walt Disney World Resort.

Anyone have any pointers any other kennels or options I'm leaving out? Please and I do mean Please leave me some comments below as we are in the process of planning a vacation and need some input.

We thank you...and Charlie thanks you too!

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