Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Independence Expo

We are thinking seriously about hitching up the Goshen Coach to our newely acquired 30 foot Campmaster Toy Hauler Camper (We very quickly realised with an open mind that a toy hauler is a premade handicap capable RV!) and heading south, way south, to Orlando Florido. They are having an Independence Expo there September 23rd and 24th Which should be a really awesome place to get hands on experience with equipment that the local suppliers never seem to know anything about.

The one thing in particular that I'm wanting to see is the Vehicle Production Groups MV-1 purpose built mobility vehicle. We have looked at a lot of wheelchair capable vehicles this year but this one is intriguing, being built from the ground up with the defining criteria to comfortably haul around people in wheelchairs.  From what I know so far these things are being built at the previous Hummer assembly plant, American Made, with Ford V8 powertrain.  These are being marketed towards taxi type services currently, but with a price tag in the low 40's it's 10 thousand less then the next handicap car, 20-30k less if you go new to new This should be a very exciting vehicle.

If anyone has seen one of the MV-1's please leave me message about the experience.  As for us we are looking at our funding to see if we can swing a 1,500 mile round tripper with the current diesel prices.

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  1. What did u find out abt this vehicle? Will it work 4 u all or what?