Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carrier Transicold problems 2000 Ford E350 Goshen Coach

Carrier Transicold problems 2000 Ford E350 Goshen Coach

Well Summertime is here and my air conditioning on our bus has gone down.  You see I have an auxilary Air Unit mounted at the rear of the van, a Carrier Transicold system.  This system utilizes the Ford factory air compressor and accumulator and the front evaporator, but they have taken out the factory condenser that mounts in front of the radiator and installed a much larger one on the side of the bus just behind the drivers door.  All this in order to put in a large evaporator in the rear of the bus to give auxilary air.

     The 2nd evaporator, A Carrier EM-1, at the rear of the bus is cooled by an expansion valve mounted just before it. The front evaporator is still cooled by the factory orifice.

     In September 2009 I replaced the compressor and the factory AC Accumulator and the Orifice. June 2010 I replaced the Expansion Valve on the rear Evaporator and the Carrier Filter/Dryer mounted on the Condenser.

    The Carrier Condenser CM-3 on my bus is supposed to be cooled by 3 electric fans mounted under the bus on the backside of the condenser. One of those fans was rattling the other day and later I noticed the fans weren't running and the air in the cabin suddenly went hot and the a/c compressor was apparently so hard to turn from the high pressure that it glazed the serpentine belt. So I've surely blown a fuse. And unfortunately those 12v electric fans must not be too common as I can usually find carrier parts on ebay for on the cheap. I think I am down to 1 fan which isn't very good and the cheapest I've seen those Carrier fans was $105.00 ea.

    I am going to try and fully diagnose the fan problem tomorrow and see just how many fans have gone bad as I'm pretty sure the minimum amount I have to buy is 2 right now and I may have to buy all 3 to get it back good and cold.

     I'll make a future post after I've acquired new fans and got it all back working again.  I look forward to hearing about your problems keeping your Powerstroke Diesels on the road and working properly in the comments below.


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