Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ohio River is on the rise again!

This will be missed by most and hopefully can be disregarded by everyone else. But just as The Mischievous Ohio River was about to drop below flood stage.  She's trending up again!  At 6pm today the Brookport, IL guage showed what shouldn't be happening, after plateauing at 37.9' on the Brookport guage at 4pm by 9pm the river is at 38.1'.  Flood stage at brookport is at 37' by the way.

     Current predictions shows the river at 39.6' on 5/31/2011 with an upward sloping graph, which means the river is going to keep going up for some time afterwards. I must stress early this month we crested at 57.0' with a lot of devastation, and it would seem impossible to do this twice. But I'm going to be keeping my eyes on the river here as at 60'-10" water would be on my floorboards.

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