Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally the Ohio River is really starting to lower

Finally the Ohio River is really starting to lower. 

After cresting at 57', The Ohio River is down to 55.6' now.  I know 1.4' doesn't sound like much but it means 3 more roads are opened in town (North Avenue, Metropolis Street, and 8th Street), and almost all 4 lanes of highway 45 south going out of town are back open.

Because of the detonation of the Bird's Point Levee and the subsequent opening of the New Madrid Floodway it spared us from the devastation of 60.5' of water.  Again 3.5 feet doesn't sound like much but it would have meant the town would have been fragmented in several locations with no way to navigate other then by boat.

I have included a picture of the latest graph of the Brookport Illinois hydrograph as of the time of this posting and the link

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