Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally fixed my charging system!

I finally fixed my charging system on the 2000 Ford E350 Goshen Coach.  Previously I've talked about this here: and here:

Anywho a friend came by and gave me an assist into tearing into this 7.3 Powerstroke diesel van  to get the alternator off. And fortunately for me it failed the test at the parts store and as it turned out it was under warranty. see here: So today I put the remanufactured alternator on and I can check that problem off my list.

The other day we also fixed the drivers door where it was striking the fender. We loosened the fender and shoved it forward.  Cory told me the door hinges are absolutely worn out though, so next thing on the list is to replace the drivers door hinges.

On a positive note, I should get my storage building this week 12x20 and this will allow me to clean out my garage to where I can work on some projects again!
That's all for my truck update.

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