Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ohio River flooding continues March 13th 2011

   Went down tonight and shot a short video of the flooding and it's impact on the local casino Harrah's Casino Metropolis, IL.  Today the Ohio river is at 46.97 feet, normal pool is about 15 feet. The projections are for the water to crest on March 17th at 47.5 feet. normal pool is about 15 feet so 30 feet water has been added to the Ohio here. This gives the Ohio a flow rate of approx 800,000 cubic feet of water a second passing by in front of where I was. To give you some perspective of the size of the Ohio here in Metropolis, during the summer months Niagara falls flows approximately 100,000 cubic feet per second of water.  Now imagine what niagara falls would look like if it had 8 times more flow!
     The Ohio River' normal pool is at about 15 feet. The river is considered at action stage at 32 feet, at 39 feet it's called flood stage. Moderate flood stage is at 43 feet. and Major flood stage is at 52 feet.
     Some historical river stages to give you some idea of where the water is at.  On Feb 02 1937 the Ohio river finally crested at 60.60 feet in the great 1937 flood.  And if the river crests at 47.5 feet then that would put this flood at number 28 on the list of greatest historical floods. My house sits at approximately 58 feet to also give you some background on why I watch the river closely.
     This photo was taken from my backyard today.
This is a photo of a Canadian National train passing over the mostly submerged approach to the ohio river railroad bridge at Metropolis
Here is a picture of the bridge again and of course our truck which I have been promising to take more photos of for awhile now. This picture is taken on Harrah's Metropolis Casino's parking lot today.

     All photos and videos shot by me March 13th 2011

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