Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is almost here!

     The winter has been harsh on the finish of our truck!  I'm hoping I can find the time to clean and give it a good coat of wax.  The truck has not been without faults all winter but I was always able to beat it back into running if it failed (ie starter failed).
     I personally am looking forward to warmer weather.  I believe our Diesel rig is looking forward to warmer weather too!  I've got a long list of projects I want to do with her; relocate the batteries to rear frame rail, cut in a belly toolbox, and resupporting the lift being the 3 largest projects I've got planned.
     I was just noticing that I have to go get a sticker for the license plate, I'm not looking forward to throwing my money there that's for sure.  But, I guess it's one of them things you have to do.
     In the next few days I want to shoot some new pictures of the truck. In looking through the thousands of pictures on my computer I seem to only have a small handful of pictures which I've allready posted. I also want to shoot some videos, particularly I want a video that captures the sound of our straight piped powerstroke turbo diesel.