Friday, March 4, 2011

rain, lots of rain...

(Begin hatred of dealing with a rain day rant)
     We are supposed to get about 2 inches of rain here before it's all said and done tonight.  This creates quite an obstacle when you can't just run and dash from the car when you get home.  When travelling with someone in a wheelchair you have to safely take the time every time to load and unload.  This is all perfectly grand on nice warm days, but on these damp cold days it is very fatiguing.
     Our machine has a hydraulic lift.  The operator (me) has to stand outside
  1. Open door
  2. then you hit a switch to unfold lift
  3. wheelchair loads onto ramp from inside
  4. hit a switch to let it down
  5. wheelchair exits lift
  6. hit a switch to raise empty lift
  7. hit switch to fold lift back away
  8. Close and secure door
Now this sounds like I'm making a big deal about little things but each one of these takes time and makes for an unpleasant time in the rain.  The really fortunate thing is our vehicle has rubber flooring so rain doesn't bother me inside unless you count the muddy tracks on the floor that looks like a bicycles been doing circles in the floor lol.  Tell me what you think about dealing with mother nature below.


  1. Sounds to me as though you need a matching or complimentary pair of my rain ponchos. This is designed specifically for people who use wheelchairs full time and can be adaptited for the standing posture as well. Easy to pop on and off, over a sweater or coat and the hood keeps your head dry as well.
    Thanks for the 'follow' on twitter

  2. Yeah! ponchos would have been nice tonight! It was chilly and damp out there. It's hard to find that free hand to use an umbrella. The trick with rain gear is you wear it, it gets wet, you take it off and throw it in the truck and try to put it on again and both sides are wet and nasty feeling! LOL maybe the answer is a multitude of ponchos heh!