Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture of the Ohio River from the back window of our bus

The Ohio is on the rise!
     One thing about living next to a major river is you get to see first hand what the spring melt off of all the snow upstream does to water levels downstream.
     Some background is in order I suppose.  We live in Metropolis, IL on the Ohio River.  Metropolis, a river town, is approximately 30 miles by water to junction with the Mississippi River at Cairo, IL.  Living so close to the river we start getting nervous come spring as to how high this major river is going to get and this year is no exception.
     The photo above was taken Of the Ohio River from the parking lot of Harrah's Metropolis Casino.  The photo shows the river is right at the bottom edge of their parking lot, and projected crest is estimated to happen tomorrow late afternoon about 2 feet higher then when this photo was taken.
     I personally am looking forward to warmer dryer weather.  I have quite a few projects at one stage or another on our truck and just can't find the energy in the damp coldness of winter/early spring.


  1. I took this picture. :)

    Where are the ones that I took at Fort Massac though?

  2. I just picked one out that actually showed the river and not just back water. It's a good picture.