Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos of Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino flooding

      This series of photographs were taken Sunday March 20th 2011.  They show that Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino is still closed from the flooding of the Ohio River here in Metropolis, IL. 

 Water is still high at Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino and remains closed for the time being
 The employee entrance is built up with 2 feet of gravel and plywood gangways
 better view of the gangway they've temporarily built to the employees entrance
 The water has dropped a foot from its cresting height just a few days ago and will continue to fall pretty fast.
 Valet parking underwater, main entrance is sandbagged and being pumped out with a large diesel powered pump like a 10 incher.
 Ferry Street entrance under a couple of feet of water still
Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino's entrance is underwater and the casino will most likely remain closed through this week. Once the water goes down they will have to remove all their sandbagging and repair any possible flooding damage, which if everything went well with the sandbagging effort should be minimal. If I were a betting person I'd say the casino will be back open on the 25th of March. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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