Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Ford Powerstroke 7.3 powered wheelchair van's battery issue revisited

     Our 2000 Ford powerstroke wheelchair van has cooperated nicely today.  I guess my fairy tell dream that it was just a battery situation that made the truck die the other day was true.
     To give you some background the other night in the rain the 7.3 Diesel would turn over but then went to clicking. I got out and tightened the connection between the two batteries.  After that the motor would turn over but not hit the 100 RPM necessary to fire the injectors off to start which is why I needed a jump.  I put the charger on it at 12 Volts - 6 Amps charge it took over 14 hours to bring the 2 batteries back up.
     Today and tonight the truck has operated flawlessly and I am not seeing any residual problems which is good as I have been sick and haven't felt like working on it.

1 comment:

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