Thursday, March 3, 2011

Honda Element X-WAV wheelchair vehicle Test drive

     We got to try out Freedom Motors Honda Element X-WAV wheelchair conversion vehicle today.  We really liked it and with it's 60" of headroom makes it awesome for an everyday vehicle. Sarah had no problem entering and exiting the vehicle in her power chair on the first try.  Demo vehicle was driven right to our door so that we could see it.
     Freedom is different in that they build and sell their vehicles, all the others have a retailer in the middle, I am not sure if this makes the vehicle any cheaper, but it makes it to where they can afford to have demonstration vehicles to come to your door!
     Please check out their youtube video to give you an idea about this cool vehicle.

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  1. I LOVED it!! I love our bus, "Steve" (another of its many nicknames), but with gas prices as high as they are, we wanted something smaller and more economical on gas. I'm hoping things work out and we can get one. Plus, I can drive it if I want to...that's a MAJOR plus. :)