Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flooding of Metropolis, IL 7.5 million gallons of water a second flowing by

     1 million cubic feet per second!  That's what the peak estimated flow from the Ohio River here at Metropolis, IL. It's an unfathomable number to fully comprehend.  To say it in a more comprehendable way 7,480,519 gallons of water passed by here every second! This is over 646 billion gallons of water passed by here in 1 day!!!
     I just don't think people realise how large the Ohio river is here in Metropolis, IL.  At normal pool the Ohio is 1 mile wide. At current flood stage she's about 3 miles wide.
     Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino is currently closed due to the high water and from what I'm seeing Wednesday March 23rd it maybe be able to open up about mid day if current river projections hold true.

 This is a picture of some housing underwater, ,the story does have a human element
 Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino Complex as seen from Market and 2nd Street
 Front street underwater and Harrah's unsightly fencing that blocks the view of the river and probably more importantly people walking from that other hotel over there. Fence also cuts off the sidewalk to pedestrians.
Backside of Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casinos hotel and the Players riverboat hotel signage showing front street underwater
 Upstream view of Harrah's Metropolis Riverboat Casino showing the boarding barge complex and the riverboat herself with her paddlewheel pointed upstream where it collects debris.  I never understood why anyone would park a boat as beautiful as this one in this fashion.
 The Ohio River showing a just how wide it is.
 Another section of front street cut off by the rising river.
 Our truck with the choppy Ohio River as a backdrop
a tug boat powering upstream at street level.

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