Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Driving in the rain

     Our truck really shows it's stuff in the rain.  Being 10,000 lbs it never hydroplanes even in the heaviest rainstorms.  Plus the fact that she got 6 new tires on her back in summer 2010 means she's a rain eating fool.
     I am looking forward to dryer days in the near future.  It's been cold and overcast forever it seems with no end in sight.  This has been especially tough as everything is staying mushy outside so just getting the powerchair from the truck to the house is an adventure in trying to keep the tires as clean as possible so that the house doesn't get all tracked up. On days like this I have to take the time to hand dry all 6 of her wheelchair tires before she gets free reign on the house.
     So yeah,  this post isn't so much about the truck as it operated fine today, as it is about dealing with the environment.  We are pretty much mobile everyday with very few exceptions. How do some of you deal with Mother Nature?


  1. I hate having to spend the first 5 or so minutes on the rug once I'm in the house, but I understand why you make me do it...especially today since the cleaning lady was there. :p

  2. Yeah, you just can't come in and kick off your wet shoes and go with it. Accommodation is the name of the game, I've bought commercial rugs for the entrances to the house and I get down there and physically wipe your tires off with a towell. And we still track a lot of dirt into the house every week! I for one am looking forward to dryer weather...