Monday, February 28, 2011

Powerstroke is performing well

     Truck is performing well, we drove all of 10 miles today. Straight piped 7.3Liter Powerstroke turbo diesel was loving the 60 degree weather. I'm  thinking road salting season is over now, I need to get the truck washed.
     I've been sick all winter! and haven't gotten a great deal of anything knocked off my list, but I'm starting to feel better and the outside temps are improving I need to get a couple of 4" muffler hangers fabricated soon, as I have the tailpipe temporarily hanging with bailing wire LOL.
     The TS 6 position chip is producing some decent MPG's right now on tow, I just have one reservation. the first shift from 1st to 2nd gear the factory shift pattern has to appear to time out in order for the chipped pattern to take over. Anyone have any thoughts about this shift issue?

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