Monday, February 21, 2011

September 8th 2010

September 8th 2010 odometer 127,473
  1. Replaced ignition switch
    1. old switch was intermittent if it would engage run or not, lucky for wait to start light to show if ignition was turned on or not.
    2. Purchased Autozone Duralast switch, installed it, when key was turned to start switch shorted to ground on P2 pin That one took awhile to figure out, and a few 60 amp maxi fuses under hood.
    3. Installed Napa switch KS6568 $19.49
  2. notes
    1. I am going to change oil to Valvoline Premium Blue® Extreme Engine Oil 5W40 8,500 mile drain interval without testing.
    2. Change rear end fluid to sythetic to try and coax some rolling resistance down
    3. I am going to install a 4” turbo downpipe and remove the muffler. Diamond eye or Jones exhaust only 2 companies that seem to make 4” van exhaust

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