Monday, February 21, 2011

September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009 odometer 116,956
  1. A/C Compressor locked up on the 9/06/09 on the way home from Destin, FL
    1. Replaced A/C Compressor (Napa 254215)
    2. Replaced A/C Accumulator (Napa 408574)
    3. Replaced Front Orifice (Napa 207317)
    4. Filled with approx 10-12 fl oz of refrigerant oil and R134 (following instructions on pouring it into compressor before installation was wrong as you can't install it into both inlet and outlet and no matter which way you rotate compressor it only pumps from inlet to outlet, so it makes a mess which is doubly problematic as refrigerant oil is extremely slick and hard to clean up. Which is why I don't have the exact amount of refrigerant oil installed as some was lost)
    5. Front air is very cold, as before, rear air is luke cold, has to be an obstruction or open orifice on the rear, possibly a solenoid.
    6. Before next air service will need to aquire the following parts:
      1. CARRIER TRANSICOLD FILTER DRIER AC101-312 (filter mounted at condensor under drivers side of truck
      2. orifice for rear air
      3. diagnose any possible solenoid problems to rear air

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