Monday, February 21, 2011

September 17th 2010

September 17th 2010 odometer 127,785
  1. Ordered 4” Diamond eye exhaust turbo back muffler delete from on the 15th for $329.00 shipped and a 5” ss tip off ebay
  2. starter wouldn't fire this morning took it off tested good, cleaned connections on starter seems faster then before, ground was loose as lower starter bolt was installed backwards short side holding the starter long side holding the ground. I'm guessing the only ground on the motor is on the starter, may need to attach a couple grounding frame straps, truck seems sensitive to ground.
  3. Ignition is still not cycling to run every time, and still won't cycle start on damp mornings, I replaced the switch, ,which means there is a connection issue downstream.
  4. Need to pull doghouse, and get some measurements for plenum/turbo boots, they sell kits, but I can get the same stuff cheaper if I know the sizes I need.
  5. I believe transmission shudder at 40ish when cold is not transmission, but is injectors, I think I have some dying injectors, and if I replace them, not only will truck drive better cold, but mileage will definitely improve, ,payoff should be quick! I'm interested in taking truck to in TN to get this repaired, I haven't talked price tho... also he is a custom tuner, so I can get a custom tuned chip. Matt with Bean diesel also suggested an IDM mod to boost the voltage to the injectors. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel on my MPG woes!

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