Monday, February 21, 2011

May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010 odometer 123,127
  1. repacked front drivers side wheel bearings after noticing earlier in the week that the dust cap was missing. Bearings appeared fine. Installed Dorman 13974 dustcap. Installed SKF 24017 Oil Seal upc 0085311290180 aka HMA9 R, this seal appeared higher quality then the original. Passenger side was not repacked.
  2. Previous repairs not dated
    1. replaced relay in truck fuse box that gives 12v switched to the ignition to the factory trailer package, which is what feeds the bus electrical box controls. Ignition switched powered items were intermittently working, ie: power door, rear a/c etc. Relay is identical to the Bosch/Tyco cabin relays but doesn't have the mounting tab, Napa Echlin AR272 V09240.
    2. replaced auto reset circuit breaker in cabin electrical box that feeds power to a/c and switches on console, ie power doors etc. Breaker was weak and was cycling on/off possibly the cause of lost a/c compressor spring 09, but was definitely going to cause the loss of new a/c compressor if I hadn't of known what was going on.

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