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Mar 3, 2009

Mar 3, 2009
  1. Took to Paducah Ford
    1. Replaced the Cam position sensor (recall item #07S57), replaced at no cost, old one appeared to still be working
    2. Had them print out fault codes:
      1. PO113 IAT sensor circuit high
        1. this is the intake air temperature sensor it works by decreasing resistance as temp increases and subtracting that from 5V control so it’s either the sensor is bad or the wiring is bad corroded.
      2. PO470 EBP Sensor
        1. Exhaust Back Pressure sensor this is a $120.00 part, it has a steel line that connects it to the exhaust pipe or manifold which may be dirty clogged, this will cause poor fuel economy/possibly bad shifting
        2. Clean the tube and sensor. The tube comes out of the passenger's side manifold and leads to the front of the engine where the EBP sensor sits. Unbolt the sensor and use a long wire brush to clean out the soot.
        3. Remove the sensor (be careful not to apply lateral force it can break the sensor) and spray with Braklean then take some 0.95 square weedeater line or similar and scrape the inner sides on the bottom of the sensor (Dont go to deep it can damage the sensor diapram inside). The remove the tube below the sensor mount (A crowfoot wrench comes in handy here) the other end is on the pass side exhaust manifold. Spray with braklean and let soak for a bit. then take about 2.5 feet of the weedeater line and run it down the tube and work it back and forth do this 3 or 4 times and it usually clean it up. Appears to be mounted right in front of the HPOP
        4. P0470 code is a bit different. You might be able to clean it and fix the problem. But more than likely the sensor itself is bad and needs to be replaced. Or is unplugged or wiring damaged
      3. PO603
        1. Internal control module KAM (Keep Alive Memory) error. This is caused when the battery is disconnected and the PCM loses it’s memory. Nothing to worry about.
      4. PO478
        1. EPR - Exhaust pressure control valve high input
          Causes: Plugged sensor line, stuck butterfly, restricted exhaust. This is totally related to the PO470 code and means the instructions for it up there are totally relevant it’s clogged or defective
    3. Also they verified that fuel filter bowl water drain valve leak had returned.
      1. Drain is attached to a steel line which works its way to near the bottom of the front passenger side of the engine, dumping fuel onto the crossmember. I think I’m going to attach a short rubber line to it to extend it down to just below the crossmember
      2. Ordered O ring replacement set from
      3. Currently this leak seems to only manifest at shutdown draining the fuel bowl down after the pressure drops. but if it’s really the o rings it could let loose at any time and leak fuel under pressure

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