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Mar 11, 2009

Mar 11, 2009
  1. replaced the 3 orings in the fuel bowl fuel/water drain valve with flourosilicone o rings for After inspecting it all I believe that the problem with the leaking drain was that the drain actuator cable is not wanting to stay in the closed position which partially opened the valve, am going to secure the actuator cable handle in the closed position to prevent that problem from reoccurring....
  2. Tried to replace serpentine belt but belt for 2000 by the book is about 2 inches too long, my motor takes a 2001 E350 belt which is a Gates K081207. Next time check out Gates K081207HD I tougher belt and I believe cheaper from napa.
  3. Exhaust back pressure tube is pretty well completely restricted with soot as well as the exhaust back pressure sensor; I believe the sensor to be bad, damaged by soot. Sensor is removed with a 1” deep well socket
    1. Sensor: 1807330 C19263B
    2. Possible good sensor numbers: ford 4c3z-9j460-a Alliant power AP63403 Cross Reference: 490 4C3Z9J460A, 655 1850353C1 Motorcraft DPFE-3 they also have the sensor tube ford 1C3Z-9D477-AA Alliant AP63404
  4. most annoyingly the the lousy napa fuel filter bowl cap is seeping fuel off the rear edge, this filter is junk with it’s square o ring instead of tapered one… replace at next oil change!!

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