Monday, February 21, 2011

June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009 odometer 113,600
  1. refuel: 113,600 ending mileage ran 199.0 miles. Pushed the truck harder running 65-70 mph on the highway, normally run 55 mph. Definitely is a distinct drop in mileage above 55 mph
  2. 18.526 gallons @ $2.449 = $45.37
  3. 10.74 MPG
  4. To do list in no particular order:
    1. flush and fill coolant
    2. change fuel filter, to hopefully stop any leak that may still exist from the lousy napa integral filter cap.
    3. Diagnose and repair starter circuit, so that I don't have to manually start truck anymore
    4. apply epoxy patches to backside of fiberglass where there are cracks in order to strengthen panels
    5. install XM satellite kit
    6. remove and reinstall trim band exterior behind drivers door that wraps up and over and down the other side of body.
    7. Reafix front bumper cover.
    8. Find a means to store oils and additives on the exterior of vehicle and out of the cabin.
    9. decide on insulation for interior and install it
    10. reinstall front interior cosmetics
    11. create circuit diagram of bus electrical system, truck is known from book, bus body is unknown. Bus lighting is picked up from factory trailer light kit under rear of truck.
    12. Install trailer hitch
    13. diagnose and repair cruise control
    14. intermittent wipers work most of the time but sometimes they don't, normal mode works all the time.
    15. Parking brake
    16. exhaust back pressure sensor and line is clogged, sensor is surely bad
    17. order code reader diagnostic tool, I'm sure there is 1-2 MPG available easily.

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