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Feb 24, 2009

Feb 24, 2009
  1. Fuel filter was bleeding off fuel after shutdown, replaced fuel filter with NAPA filter with integral cap (future reference, do not use this filter again, as filter and cap assembly are too large to easily rangle into the filter assembly on this van, plus I have reservations about the filtering ability of this filter due to the mounting of cap penetrating into the top of filter). Air Filters housing and rubber air intake hose have to be removed to get to filter. Water drain is accessed using a pull handle that was originally mounted in between oil and transmission dipstick but is now floating back behind them. Take out filter could of passed for original, but I doubt it could of lasted that long. Open water drain, unscrew lid to filter remove filter and lid, replace with new wetting o rings with fuel for lube and close drain valve, cycle ignition through glow plug wait a couple of times to allow fuel pump to refill fuel filter assembly and go.
  2. after taking off doghouse to get to back of motor, fuel line to passenger side head was leaking. Tightened connector solved problem
  3. Discovered air resonator that tees off the air intake hose prior to turbo was broken and half missing. Removed remainder of pieces and capped off hole with 2” PVC cap. Resonators original purpose was to reduce engine noise, has no real purpose other than creature comforts.
  4. Installed missing lugnut $9.50 from Ford a piece and torqued all lugnuts on truck to 140 ft lbs as per markings on nut
  5. Ordered 2000 owners manual off of an ebay seller for $9.24 with shipping.

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