Monday, February 21, 2011

August 3rd, 2010

August 3rd, 2010 odometer 126,664
  1. going to replace air filter/box with what's called a Tymar Mod. Air box has a broken clip, can't just repair air box, new box is astronomically expensive, plus, going to relocate batteries so front battery location will be perfect for this well known air filter mod to open up the truck to more air and a better filtration media.
    1. Basically remove air box and tie filter below to air intake with a section of 4” pipe and hose clamps. Intake will be solidly filtered, no dust sneaking by filters.
    2. Filter cross reference:
      1. NAPA 6637 alternate number 2790?
      2. WIX 46637 alternate number 42790?
      3. FRAM CA6818
      4. FLEETGUARD – AH19037
      5. DONALDSON – B105006
      6. AFE – 20-40044
      7. BALDWIN – PA2820
      8. HASTINGS – AF1012
      9. UNI – 908
      10. CARQUEST – 87790
      11. JOHN DEERE – PMAH19037
      12. BIG A – 93790
      13. CATERPILLER – 3I0005
      14. FLEETRITE – AHR819037
      15. LUBER-LINER – LAF2531
    3. After looking at compartment, there is no way to stuff a filter into passenger side battery location, looking in fenders for room next
  2. The cooling system on any diesel has special concerns. It's possible for the coolant to cavitate --produce tiny bubbles--that can with time cause pinholes through the cylinder walls from the water jackets. For this there is an additive; Ford P/N FW-15 or FW-16, Fleetguard P/N DCA4; that needs to be maintained in the coolant. Generally this means installing 8 to 10 oz of the additive to the cooling system every 15000 miles. Another method is to monitor the cooling system with Fleetguard's DCA4 test kit P/N CC2602 or CC2602A. This measures the level of DCA4 in the system, and then you add the amount as required. The cooling system should be drained (and flushed if you live in an area with especially alkaline water) and refilled with a fresh 50/50 mix of coolant/water and one pint of the additive for every two gallons of coolant/water at 30,000 miles. Use only a low-silicate ethylene glycol-based coolant. Ford does not recommend using propylene glycol coolants in any of their vehicles.
    1. · Ford or Motorcraft Premium Antifreeze · Motorcraft Premium Gold Antifreeze (does not require SCA/DCA)
    2. · Texaco Antifreeze/Coolant
    3. · Texaco Antifreeze/Coolant Pre-diluted 50/50
    4. · Zerex 5/100 (white bottle) Antifreeze/Coolant
    5. · Zerex Ready To Use Antifreeze/Coolant (premixed 50/50 with de-mineralized water)
    6. · Zerex Heavy Duty Pre-charged Formula
    7. · Shellzone Premium Quality Antifreeze
    8. · Fleetguard Complete EG--pre-charged at 1.5 units/gallon DCA4
    9. Also available premixed 50/50 with water with the same DCA4 level · Pyroil Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant--Low Silicate
    10. · Fleet Charge Antifreeze/Coolant--pre-charged with Pencool
  3. I am going to go with this antifreeze Zerex ZXED1 H/D extended life cat ec-1 cert antifreeze, system should hold 8 gallons of fluid stock, I'm leaning towards 10 with rear heat, so need 5 gallons of concentrate.

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